Losing Tyre Pressure?

Often when this happens you can’t spot anything obvious but the truth is that apart from a leaking valve, badly corroded alloys can also contribute to tyres losing pressure. Corrosion happens as a result of the water content in the air that is inside a tyre.


As the AA states on its website:

Tyre Pressure levels are crucial not only to the longevity of your tyres, but to your personal safety when using your car.

Cars with incorrect Tyre Pressure can be subject to decreased grip and increased braking distances. By using your car with incorrect tyre pressures, you are also increasing the likelihood of damaging your tyres and wheels. Most cars will have a different recommended tyre pressure level for the front tyres and the back tyres. Having the correct tyre pressure is especially important in the run up to the winter months.

Smart Alloy Liverpool can repair the corrosion as well as the peeling paint on the inside of the rim. We then reseal and refit the tyre.

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